Tightening the Belt

We are slowly cutting back one bill at a time!  Here’s how:


Tightening the Belt: Reducing Bills, Part 1

Tightening the Belt: Part 2 – the Breaker Box Game
Tightening the Belt: Part 3 – Auto Insurance

Tightening the belt: Part 4 – read your bills!

Tightening the Belt, part 5: Never pay for babysitting

Tightening the belt: Part 2 Update – Results from the Breaker Box Game!

Tightening the Belt: Part 6 – Using Smart Strips to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Tightening the belt: Working gas loyalty programs using gift cards!

Tightening the belt: Internet Service

Tightening the Belt: Contacts

  Tightening the Belt, Part 8: Cable and Satellite TV


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    […] Tightening the Belt […]

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