Tightening the belt: Internet Service

2 Jun



We just saved $101 per year by switching Internet Service Providers!


We have been using an AT&T wireless air card.  We originally signed a contract with them when we could find no other company to provide us a service while living way out in the country in Kentucky.  Since then, we have moved and have continued to fulfill our end of the contract.  BUT I called them and explained to them that the connection we got here was not great.  And for $60 a month, I wanted to swap to a company that I could pay for high speed that would actually be able to provide high speed where we live now.  The very helpful and friendly consultant suggested that instead of paying the $85 early termination fee, that we swap our service to a “family plan line”, paying just $9.99/month for the remaining 4 months of our contract!  WOW!  Great idea!  She just saved us $45!


So, we are going with Comcast – $45/month with a one time connection fee of $39.  Add that to the $9.99/month we will be paying AT&T, that makes our 6 month grand total $348.96 for Internet.  The next 6 months after that will be $45/month, or $270.  Our annual bill for Internet will be $618.96.  If we were to stay with AT&T, it would be $720.  


We will save $101 and hopefully have a better connection!


We have several factors that you may not have to deal with that could save you even more by shopping for a new ISP.  You can probably save more than us if:


1.  You aren’t under contract.

2.  You don’t mind signing a contract.

3.  You don’t shop the major chains.  (We move so often, we don’t call the locals so that we can stick with the same company).

4.  You live in a better area for service than we do.  Apparently, we couldn’t get AT&T home service where we are now. 


Annual Savings This Series:

  1. Cell Phone Bill – $480
  2. Electric Bill – $1200
  3. Auto Insurance – $311
  4. Extra charges on bill – $35.88
  5. Gas Loyalty Programs – $210
  6. Cable/Satellite TV – $660
  7. Contacts – $112
  8. Internet – $101

Total Savings to Date = $3109.88

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