Now a Part of the Grocery Gathering!!!

6 Aug





I am excited to say that Adventures in Momville is now a part of the Grocery Gathering!




What is the Grocery Gathering, you ask?

The Grocery Gathering is a segment of, one of the hottest and most widely known couponing blogs across the country!  When you visit the Grocery Gathering, you can easily find couponing match-ups for most any store you want to shop!  Not only do they have a list of national chains, but you can search for your local grocery store by state as well. 




So How Does this Change Adventures in Momville?

For my regular readers, this will not change my posts at all.  Becentsable will simply link to my regular match-ups for  Family Dollar and Food City, bringing new readers and more traffic for my growing blog.


You can continue to look for my regular series posts, as well:  Couponing, Recipes, Tightening the Belt, Cleaning, Family, and more!


Eventually, I do hope to add Fred’s, Inc., Dollar General, and Food Giant match-ups to my regular postings.  (Possibly after my baby boy arrives and settles in to this world.)  Until then, I will focus on my main two and post the others as soon as I can.




Interested in seeing your local store that isn’t yet listed on the Grocery Gathering?

Check your store’s website to see if they post a weekly ad online.  If they do, I will give it a try! Just leave a comment or send me an email!  I’d love to hear from you!




(Thanks, Kathryn @ Knoxville on a Dime for the idea to apply!)

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