Tightening the Belt: Contacts

26 May



I just saved roughly $56 ordering contacts for my husband by simply doing a little research.  I saved even more than that on my own earlier this year!  It is surprisingly easy, too!!  


Here’s what I did: 

1.  I simply searched for “acuvue 2” on the Internet (his brand). And found the lowest price.  I applied a few available coupon codes for an additional 20% off and free shipping and clicked until I got to the screen with the total amount due. ($95.94 for 8 boxes or $11.99/box!!!)

2.  I went to 1800contacts website and I clicked on the “Unbeatable Price Match Guarantee” at the top right hand corner of the page.  I clicked to have someone call me immediately and they did. 

3.  I gave them my shipping information, doctor’s name, and phone number.

4.  I gave them the website and the total price that I found on the web.  They confirmed it.

5.  I paid with my credit card.


That’s it!  They do the rest!  They call and confirm the prescription with the doctor’s office, and they ship it to us!


Five minutes!  That’s all it took! 


I have used 1800contacts for several years now, and while I am a bit disappointed because they used to give you an additional percentage off the lowest advertised price, their customer service is always excellent and hassle free.  I do realize that there is a possibility that I could have shopped through ebates or another cash back site and got some cash back, but I opted to be loyal to a trusted company and save some time rather than money.  (I am not an affiliate of 1800contacts or paid in any way, I just really like them.  honest.)


Annual Savings This Series:


  1. Cell Phone Bill – $480
  2. Electric Bill – $1200
  3. Auto Insurance – $311
  4. Extra charges on bill – $35.88
  5. Gas Loyalty Programs – $210
  6. Cable/Satellite TV – $660
  7. Contacts – $112

Total Savings to Date = $3008.88

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