Tightening the Belt, part 5: Never pay for babysitting

21 Apr


I can count on my hands how many times we have had a babysitter!  And my baby will be 2 in August!  Because we move around so often, by the time we get to know people well enough to allow them/ask them to babysit, it is time to move again!  So basically, we only get a babysitter when we have to have one, and drive out of our way so that family will do it for free.  We have never paid for one, so this article doesn’t really apply to us as a way to tighten the belt, unfortunately.  But it is such a great idea, that I had to share it with other moms!



A Babysitting Co-op!  






A babysitting co-op is basically an online place to trade, manage, and organize free babysitting by other moms!  Find out more at Moneywise Moms.  Definitely worth a read!

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