Tightening the belt: Working gas loyalty programs using gift cards!

12 May


Knoxville Mamabelle has the scoop on getting the most savings out of loyalty programs here.  Basically, she explains how you can earn points by buying gift cards for stores you are planning on shopping at to build points, and then saving on gas. Since Kroger and Shell have teamed up and you can spend your Kroger points at Shell now, I plan on giving it a try!

For example, if you buy a $50 Shell gift card at Kroger, you will earn 100 points, saving 10 cents/gallon!  Buy a $100 Shell gas card at Kroger, and you will earn 200 points, saving 20 cents/gallon.  etc., etc.



How I plan to work it:

I budget $250/month for gas.  So, at the beginning of NEXT month (since I have already hit my gas budget this month), I plan on purchasing 2 Shell gift cards – 1 for me and 1 for my husband.  That will earn us 500 points, which will be $0.50 off/gallon.  If we were to fill up together 1 time/month and get the full 35 gallon discount allowed, that will save us about $17.50/month!  That adds up to $210/year!

Hopefully, with buying occasional groceries at Kroger and any other restaurant, store gift cards, etc. that I plan on shopping at anyways, then I can increase the amount of points earned and save this much more than once/month! 


Annual Savings This Series:

  1. Cell Phone Bill – $480
  2. Electric Bill – $1200
  3. Auto Insurance – $311
  4. Extra charges on bill – $35.88
  5. Gas Loyalty Programs – $210

Total Savings to Date = $2236.88

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