Tightening the belt: Part 4 – read your bills!

14 Apr



Carrie at Money Saving Methods had an interesting article about a new phone bill scam known as “CRAMMING”.  This is where anything can be charged to your phone!  This made me check more carefully this month and noticed a recurring charge of $2.99 that I did not make!  I called them immediately and AT&T credited my account quickly and without hassle.  (surprisingly…guess there’s a first time for everything!)  This is a bill that my husband typically pays on his phone for convenience.  Plus, we receive these bills electronically, making it easy to forget to check it each month.  From now on, I will be sure to make a point to read everything before I pay it!

Annual Savings This Series:

  1. Cell Phone Bill – $480
  2. Electric Bill – ?
  3. Auto Insurance – $311
  4. Extra charges on bill – $35.88

Total Savings to Date = $827+

6 Responses to “Tightening the belt: Part 4 – read your bills!”

  1. Kelley April 15, 2010 at 6:31 pm #

    That is such good policy… I know I dont do it enough; but witout fail the times I check there is always something I dont recognize. I need to do it more!

    Have a great week!


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