Thursday is cleaning day!

15 Apr



Routine Weekly Cleaning

  1. Put away dishes
  2. Pick up house
  3. Finish Laundry
  4. Change sheets
  5. Empty all the trash
  6. Clean bathroom
  7. Vacuum all rooms
  8. Mop kitchen and bath
  9. Clean mirrors and doors
  10. Dust furniture
  11. Make shopping lists
  12. Organize Coupons
  13. Clean refrigerator
  14. Clean kitchen sink

Bathroom Detailed Cleaning List


1. Wash rugs
2. Scrub floor

3. Straighten cabinets and closet
4. Wash shower curtain

5. Clean medicine cabinet

6. Clean scale
7. Clean with an old toothbrush:  shower, sink, mirrors, then toilet
8. Clean window
9. Wash garbage can
10. Wash walls
11. Scrub bath toys

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