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30% off Kohl’s Coupon Code!

18 Sep




Use the code SEPTEMBER30 to get 30% off your purhase!  (Expires 9/22)


If you have been needing or wanting to make any larger purchases ($50 or more), this would be a great time to make them.  It’s a Kohl’s cash week, meaning that you can get $10 Kohl’s credit for every $50 you spend!


Order from the kiosk in the store in order to receive FREE shipping, too!


Here’s what I ordered today:



$19.99 (Reg. $29.99)




$3.99 (Reg. $10)



$3.99 (Reg. $10)



$8.10 (Reg. $18)


$36 (Reg. $60)


Altogether a $128 Value!


Total Spent after 30% off:  $55.09 SHIPPED!

Total Savings: 57%

 Kohl’s Cash Received: $10 (Makes it a 65% savings)



Pretty fun!


15 Sep



I mean I LOVE Kohls!!!  I have to remind myself at times that there are other stores to shop!  But in my honest opinion, they have the best sales and the best clearance!  I shop there so often, that I ALMOST consider myself a professional!  So, here’s a run down of what you need to know before shopping at Kohl’s.


Tips & Tricks for Shopping at Kohl’s


Know their sales.  Never EVER pay full price at Kohl’s!  As with most stores, Kohl’s rotates their sales.  You will see the same sales each season (each quarter).  Here’s the rundown on some of the sales: 

  • 55 – 60% off.  This is, in my opinion, their best sale.  I wait for this one for items that are not yet on clearance.  I have been gradually collecting a set of dishes every time this sale comes around.  This was last week’s sale, so you won’t see it for a few weeks.
  • Card holders get 30, 20, or 15% off and receive $10 Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spend.  This is the current sale that lasts through the 22nd.  I wait to buy anything expensive when they start doing Kohl’s cash.  For example, not long ago, my mom got a Shark steam vac.  Prices are comparable to those at other stores, but after the Kohl’s cash, it was actually a better deal!  When you walk in the door, ask for a scratch off so you know what percentage off you will get. 
  • Up to 40% off.  For these sales, you can almost always get a printable coupon for an additional percentage off. Typically it is 15% off, but you do occasionally get a 20 or 30% off in the mail. 
  • X% off a certain department.  When I see these sales, I jump on that department’s clearance!  You can take this percentage off the already marked down price.  An example is  the 20% off men’s sale that just ended yesterday.  Checking on their clearance, I could get the Chaps shirts that my husband likes for around $12 – shipped!
  • B1G1.  While I have occasionally gotten a good deal if I need more than 1 of something, typically this is my least favorite sale.  This is the week I will skip my Kohl’s shopping. 

Sign up for emails.  They DO send a good bit of emails.  But I actually WANT to know what they say! 

  • First, you get a printable $5/$5 coupon just for signing up!  
  • Next, they send a 15% off printable coupon regularly.
  • They let you know what sale is going on so you can jump on the clearance sales when you need to.

Stack Coupons.  You can stack a dollar amount off coupon with a % off coupon at Kohl’s.  Kohl’s cash is NOT considered a coupon.  It is considered cash!


Be patient.  Wait for the lowest price. 


Forget your coupon?  I have gotten 15% off before just by asking if they had any scratch offs or coupons.  I have also had them look up and find what coupon was sent to my address and applied it to my purchase.  Just ask!



Ordering from

I always check before heading to the store so that I know what to expect.  But sometimes, they have a better selection, or such a great deal that it can be shipped to my house rather than getting my kids out shopping.  Here’s the low down on shopping


1. Promo codes.  Kohl’s allows you to stack 2 promo codes!  If it doesn’t say “not to be combined”, then typically you can stack it.  Just try it!  Go to for some codes!

2.  Gift cards.  Forget someone’s birthday?  Or procrastinated too long and didn’t get the card mailed on time?  You can send gift cards via email!  So simple!!!

3.  Free shipping.  Shipping sales rotate as well.  From home, you can occasionally get free shipping, $0.99 shipping (per item), free shipping WYB $75.  But my favorite tip is make your list at home, go to the kiosk in the store to receive free shipping any time!



Ok, Kisha (my very favorite Kohl’s shopping buddy) – what did I miss???

Anyone else have any tips for us???