My new approach to grocery shopping

7 Oct


I did it again!  Went over our spending budget for September!  But I have been inspired by the Economides the  “Cheapest Family in America” on the Today show.  The Economides recently wrote Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half and claimed on national TV that they stuck to a $350/month budget for ALL SPENDING. Yes, they are couponers, but I was surprised to hear them say that  they also only shop once a month. 


So this month, I’m trying that!  Only modified to meet our needs.  I am going to try and do all of my shopping for the month of October this week and then do everything in my power that I can do to NOT shop for the rest of the month. 


I made a 30 day meal plan, a LONG grocery list, and have made 2 trips to Walmart (with both boys!) and one trip to Rite Aid so far using competitors ads and coupons.  I have done quite a bit of Christmas shopping, too!  Plus my husband has about $135 into his “toy” of the week.  Our total spending for this month so far is $782.94.  I have 2 more days to get my shopping in, but my list isn’t THAT long.  Plus, I will have to buy milk and a few other essentials, I’m sure.  


So, I am going to keep my $1000 monthly budget and try hard to stick to it! 


Remember this is for anything that is not monthly bills, which includes groceries, household, personal care items, gifts, gas, travel, entertainment.  And we don’t scrimp on the quality of our food or fun!  We just change how we go about paying for it!


My husband has no confidence in my ability to stay out of the stores for 3 weeks, but I am actually looking forward to all the projects that will get done (finally) and all the fun things I can do with my boys!  I’m determined! 


I’ll report back next month!…

One Response to “My new approach to grocery shopping”

  1. Aunt Angie October 8, 2010 at 7:05 pm #

    You can do it! I have faith!!

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