Teaching your baby to read without spending a fortune

4 Oct


Our Progress so far:

After 2 weeks of working on these sites, my son can tell you A-‘”a”, apple, B-Ball, and sing the first few letters of the alphabet song.  BUT when we do puzzles or read books, he can’t recall the letters.  So that’s what I will focus on with him this week. 


My Plan

In addition to the sites I posted about here, this week I’m going to focus on getting him to recognize A and B in different places and at different times. 

  1. Play time: Puzzles. Books, Fridge Phonics (magnets), – I am pulling out anything that has letters on it that he likes to play with and will make time to play with him each day. As we play, I am going to repeatedly ask “Where’s the A?” and “Where’s the B?” I will start out with just 2 letters to choose from and gradually add more letters as he catches on.
  2. Food Phonics:  I am going to try and fix one food that either starts with the letters A or B or that is in the shape of an A or B and talk about them at each meal.
  3. Bath Time:  I am going to gather bath appropriate toys that either starts with the letters A or B or that is in the shape of an A or B and talk about them at bath time. 
  4. Lesson Time:  After our computer time, we are going to play with our A and B flash cards (below) and color A and B coloring sheets each day.



MES (still working on animals)



I am printing only the A’s and B’s from these free sites below and will review the flashcards with him as long as he will let me.










Coloring Sheets


How I am trying to teach:  Multi-Sensory Learning. 

My husband and I are complete opposites in how we process.  We cannot, I repeat, CANNOT give each other driving directions to save our lives!  We both end up mad and frustrated and one of us – still lost!  Knowing that, we can do something about it and prevent a fight.  I am likely to call someone not my husband that can get me from a to b.  He is likely to look at a map.  But since the wonderful invention of the GPS systems, we both can agree it is the best way to get directions.  WHY??? Because it uses multiple senses:  You can read the words, see the map, and hear the directions all at once!  I guarantee that if I couldn’t read the words, I would still end up lost, because that’s how I process.


What’s my point???


Every child learns differently.  And know matter how your child learns, the more senses you can engage while teaching him,  the more he will remember (and the more fun he will have, too!)  I’m talking seeing it, hearing it, touching it, and even smelling and tasting it!!!!  So when I am teaching my child the letters and whole words alike, I am going to try to make him see it, say it, and touch it in as many ways as I can and make it as fun as I can.

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