27 Sep


A filler is a small, inexpensive item that you buy (typically at drugstores) just to make a deal work.  Below are some scenarios for each of the 3 major drugstore chains of which you may want to use a filler.



If you are at CVS and have $5 in Extra Care Bucks, but your item only costs $4.49, then you will want to find a $0.51 “filler”.  They will not give you change or credit, so if you don’t find a filler, then you lose the $0.51!  Candy, clearance merchandise, trial size items, baking soda, or salt are all items I commonly use as fillers. 


Bag Tags are a good purchase to make as a filler.  Why?  They only cost $0.99 and can end up making you money!  Simply buy a green bag tag and remember to bring it along with your reusable shopping bags each visit.  Every time you make a purchase, have them scan that card.  On every fourth visit, you will get $1 ECB!  Easy money maker!


Rite Aid

You are likely to need fillers at Rite Aid in order to use a $5/25 coupon.  If you are buying 2 packs of Huggies for $11.49 each, you will need a $2.02 filler in order to use your $5/25. 


Reinventing Beauty Magazine is the filler of choice if it is available at your store.  These Rite Aid specific beauty magazines cost $0.99 and have $30 worth of coupons in them! 



You are most likely to need a filler at Walgreens.  You are only allowed to use one coupon per item purchased, which includes register rewards.  So if you have 15 coupons, no matter the total, you must have 15 items.  In order to keep your costs down, if you are lacking a few items, look for any thing cheap!  Cheap as in less than $0.50.  (The cheaper the better.)  There used to be some caramels at the register for $0.03, but I haven’t seen them recently.   Also, SouthernSavers lists good fillers on every weekly list.  If all else fails, grab a few and take them to the register just in case.


Do you have any favorite filler items?

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