Teaching your Baby to read without spending a fortune!

21 Sep


Now that we’ve hit the terrific two’s and my son has really started talking, I have really started working with him on his letters and numbers. Believe it or not, that is teaching him to read!  Sound crazy to be teaching a 2 year old to read??? Not today in the “Your Baby Can Read” generation!  Being a teacher on a “Mommy Sabbatical” whose favorite thing to teach is a struggling child to read, I was definitely interested when I saw the commercials, but it really isn’t necessary to spend hundreds on materials when there is AMPLE amounts of information online and around your home!


So, if you want to teach your child to read for free, where do you begin???  First, let me briefly explain the 2 ways that children learn to read: 

1) Phonics. Simply earning the letters, the sounds they make, and how to blend them together. Sounding out the words. (i.e. Hooked on Phonics)

2) Whole reading.  This is memorizing the entire words rather than sounding them out.  (i.e. flashcards, Your Baby Can Read)

Once you know that, you know what to look for and how to teach your child.  Here’s where I have started:


1,  www,starfall.com.  This is typically a favorite with most kids.  It’s fun, but educational.  I started with the letter A and just play that video for him over and over again. REPETITION IS THE KEY!  I also play the abc video for him a few times every day.

2. http://mes-english.com/.  This is a sight for learning English as a second language, but they have nice PowerPoint slideshows that I use as flashcards. We started with the animals. He is just looking at the picture for now and naming the animal and telling me what sound they make, but he is also memorizing the word on each flashcard without even knowing it!  Eventually, we will take away the picture.

I use these 2 sites as a basis for what we work on, and then incorporate it into our every day play.  Simply pointing out “Look, there’s an A” while putting puzzles together or reminding him that “Apple starts with an A”, is all it takes!


A few tips for teaching your child to read:

  • Make it fun!  The best thing you can do for your child’s reading is to teach them to love it.  Make it special mommy/baby time and if either of you start to get frustrated, STOP!  You don’t want them to associate negative feelings with education at this early of an age.  DO NOT PRESSURE THEM!
  • Make it quick. The older the child, the longer their attention span.  Pay attention to your child.  When he gets bored, move on to a different activity.  When they’re done for the day, stop!  Or you will just be wasting your time!
  • Repetition is the Key!  As with anything, you will get bored with it LONG before they do!!!


This post is directed towards toddlers, but know that the basics of teaching children to read are the same for students of all ages.


Questions? I’ll be happy to help with individual scenarios as much as I can!  Email me!  adventuresinmomville@gmail.com

Check back for more!  I plan to start posting weekly lessons.

One Response to “Teaching your Baby to read without spending a fortune!”

  1. Kisha September 23, 2010 at 11:58 am #

    I am using the mes-english site too! Only I’m using it for Swedish practice. 🙂 I’m completely not concerned with the text, just the actual word, which I teach her in Swedish instead of English. It’s part of our “homeschool preschool” time, which is really just what I call it any time I try to teach her something because she is upset that she can’t go to school yet. 🙂

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