Mega event tip!

20 Sep


This tip was one that I picked up from the SouthernSavers workshop a few months back:


If Kroger (or some other store) is promoting a mega event where you must purchase 10 items to get the discount, be sure to bring along your reusable shopping bags.  As you are shopping, place the participating items in a reusable bag.  When you get 10 items, seal that bag and open another one.  That will assure that you get the discount you are working for and you won’t lose money by miscounting.  What a great idea!

One Response to “Mega event tip!”

  1. run4joy59 January 29, 2011 at 3:53 am #

    What a wonderful idea…I just did my Krogering today, but I’ll definitely utilize this tip on the next mega sale (I think it’ll still be going on next week).

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