Getting back to my “old” self

18 Sep


As you may know, I recently gave birth to my second child.  After a month of sleepless nights (and days), we have finally established something that resembles some sort of schedule.  BUT EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!  While most everything has changed for the best (children are SUCH a blessing!), my physical appearance has suffered!  I gained 38 pounds with this baby;  A little more than average, but still not as bad as what I gained with my first!  So now, one month later, I am down 21 pounds!  (It was all baby and fluids, but it is still fun to say!) 


All of the extra weight, lack of sleep, lack of clothes that fit YET, and lack of time to worry about your hair, make up, and overall physical appearance can really take a toll on a mama’s self-esteem!  I know it takes time, but I am determined to gradually get back to my old self.  So, I’m adding myself into my daily routine! 

Hard to do for most mothers, I know!


Plan A:

First and most obvious, I’ve decided to work on my weight.  I am changing how I eat (not dieting) and exercising daily.


To change how I eat, I am following my husband’s lead in changing how and not necessarily what we eat.  We rarely ate breakfast before, would eat a quick lunch, and then a huge supper, typically followed by a huge desert.  We are now eating breakfast, having our main meal of the day at lunch time, and a light and quick supper – enough to tide us over until morning.  We haven’t cut out anything, but have noticed that changing when we eat helps us to make better choices.  After all, who wants to stuff themselves at noon when their is still a whole day ahead of them!  And who has time to indulge in a rich desert?!?  This is definitely working, and if I need proof, I just look at my handsome husband who has lost 14 pounds at the last count (a few weeks ago). 


While I am not fully cleared for a vigorous exercise program just yet, I am enjoying this beautiful weather and walking 30 minutes/day!  Also, I am actually using my Wii for something other than streaming Netflix!  I am stepping, hula hooping, and boxing my way to my pre-pregnancy weight!  The Wii Fit is an excellent way of tracking my progress and is do-able with a newborn and a toddler in tow!


How I’m working it in to the daily routine:


Changing how we eat:

Actually, cooking first thing and getting it over with is fabulous!!!  I pretty much cook breakfast and lunch simultaneously, and then when the dishes are done, the kitchen is pretty much closed for the day!  My husband doesn’t get a fresh, hot meal during the week, but this was his idea and he doesn’t seem to mind taking the leftovers the next day.  (Which also cuts down on fried foods for us!  I hate frying, and he doesn’t want fried foods as left overs, so…).  Then, on the weekends, I don’t ever mind cooking!  I look forward to making my family a meal that we all eat together!  I do really miss eating with my entire family, but I simply tell myself that eating healthier and not carrying the extra weight could possibly extend the lives of each family member!  And we find plenty of other things to do in the evenings together, too.



As soon as we eat breakfast, I get us all dressed and out the door!  I have learned through experience, that if I try to get my chores done first, we will never make it outside!  Makes it nice, because my two year old wants to do nothing more than play outside.  So once he adjusts to mommy walking up and down our long driveway, rather than following him around, he will enjoy the outside time.  For now, he’s having a hard time dealing with it and just wants me to carry him.  Pulling him in the wagon seemed to work today.  I put my newborn in a mei tei carrier, and he doesn’t make a peep!  He thoroughly enjoys being outside and getting some mommy time.




Wow!  I’m already feeling much better and getting so much more done each day!  This really seems to be working!

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