30% off Kohl’s Coupon Code!

18 Sep




Use the code SEPTEMBER30 to get 30% off your kohls.com purhase!  (Expires 9/22)


If you have been needing or wanting to make any larger purchases ($50 or more), this would be a great time to make them.  It’s a Kohl’s cash week, meaning that you can get $10 Kohl’s credit for every $50 you spend!


Order from the kiosk in the store in order to receive FREE shipping, too!


Here’s what I ordered today:



$19.99 (Reg. $29.99)




$3.99 (Reg. $10)



$3.99 (Reg. $10)



$8.10 (Reg. $18)


$36 (Reg. $60)


Altogether a $128 Value!


Total Spent after 30% off:  $55.09 SHIPPED!

Total Savings: 57%

 Kohl’s Cash Received: $10 (Makes it a 65% savings)



Pretty fun!

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