Seasonal Traditions & Decorating on a budget

14 Sep



Not an Autumn has gone by without thinking of my Papa when the stores start selling candy corn.  I remember the “sparkle” in his eye that he would get when he would pretend to NOT share the candy corn.  Or the loving scolding that Grammie would give him for sneaking a handful (or telling us to) before dinner.  My Papa will be gone 10 years in January, but his memory will live on for many, many more as I continue to run and get candy corn just as the season changes and tell my children how much they would have loved Papa. 


Thus is the importance of traditions.  My oldest son is 2 and this is the first year that he is aware of the different seasons.  He doesn’t quite understand, but he is definitely old enough to enjoy some of the simple traditions.  Believe it or not, I believe my earliest memory was when I was just a little older than him!  So today, I am going to start a series focusing on seasonal traditions. 


Keeping it simple is the key!  There is really no reason to break your back or the bank to make memories with your child.  Whether it is a seasonal food, a special decoration that he helps you make or looks forward to seeing each year, a trip to the local pumpkin patch, or the special way you put the topper on your tree each year, your child will remember the time you spent with him.


So, in memory of my Papa, one of the greatest men I have ever known, here’s my first traditional “recipe”.



Candy Corn & Peanut Party Mix

Simply mix together equal parts of candy corn (I prefer Brachs’) and salted peanuts in a decorative bowl.


Almost too simple to call a recipe, huh???


And don’t forget!  CVS has Brach’s Candy Corn for $0.99 and get back a $0.99 ECB!  This deal ends today, though so hurry!  Anyone seen a good deal on peanuts?



Share your favorite fall traditions with us!  Leave a comment below!

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