14 Sep



Catalina coupons are coupons that print out after you complete your transaction.  They will print, much like a receipt, as a result of making a qualifying purchase.  For example:  Buy 5 participating Pillsbury products and get $3 off your next order.  You buy the products, pay, and the catalina prints.  The machine is provided by the “Catalina Marketing” company, hence the name. 


Does your store provide Catalinas?

To find out if your store provides catalinas, simply look for the machine pictured above.  Don’t see the machine, but think they provide them?  Just ask. 


How to know what catalinas are printing:

1.  Online lists.  On occasion, I have seen a list of current Catalinas on SouthernSavers.  But to my knowledge, there is not one go-to place for a list of catalinas.

2.  Sale ads.  Many times catalina promotions will be listed in a sale ad.  If, for example, they are in Kroger’s ad, then they should also print at any store that offers catalinas. 

3.  Shelf tags.  The shelf tags advertising catalina promotions that I have encountered typically are right by the participating items, but you have to read the fine print for exact details.  Be on the look out!


What if it doesn’t print?

If your catalina doesn’t print, first double check that you made the qualifying purchase.  Nine times out of ten, it is a customer error.  However, if you know that you purchased the qualifying items and it still didn’t print, simply tell customer service.  You can also call Catalina Marketing at 1-888-8COUPON (1-888-826-8766) and leave a voicemail message. They’ll ask for some information off your receipt and look up your transaction, then mail you the coupon you’re owed.  That would be nice for times when I am home before I realize it didn’t print!

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