How Coupons Work

30 Aug




First, go here to learn All About Coupons.


Why is this information important?  We will all have cashiers who do not understand this process.  When an item is on sale for $2.99, and you want to use a $3 coupon, they will think you are stealing!  They may even say, “but that would make it free!”  If you understand this process, you won’t feel like you are stealing.  You will then know how to explain to the cashier that you are paying, but are paying with coupons rather than cash.  In essence, the manufacturer is paying them and receiving a coupon is the same as receiving cash. 


This site also explains why manufacturers use coupons – to boost sales!  They want you to use these coupons!  And the stores want you to come shop their sales!  Manufacturers are hoping you will love their product and be a repeat buyer.  Stores are hoping you will buy it, several other things, and come back for more.

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