Go to the movies for about $5 per ticket!

21 Aug

Weekly Cinema


If you are a frequent Movie go-er, you’ll definitely want to check out this deal: 


  • 4 Movie tickets only $15.99 at sign up – then $15.00 every month for 3 tickets.
  • How do I use my tickets? How does it work? You can redeem your coupon codes at Fandango.com for up to $14 value per ticket towards any movie (even IMAX and 3D movies)! Fandango is accepted at most theaters across the US
  • When can I cancel? Will I be charged? You can cancel anytime, without a cancellation fee.
  • When do I get more tickets? We give out your monthly tickets at the beginning of the month
  • Where can i find out if my theater is covered? Go to Fandango.com and see if there are any Fandango ticketing theaters near you

I guess it’ll be a few more years before we are able to take advantage of this deal with our new bean on the way, but sounds fantastic!  $5 a ticket!  WOW!!!

One Response to “Go to the movies for about $5 per ticket!”

  1. Tina @ Savings Corner August 22, 2010 at 1:46 am #

    Hi Kelly! Congratulations on your new arrival! Can’t wait to see pics! You are welcome to link to my posts anytime you wish. I look forward to working with you and getting to know you! Tina

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