Tightening the belt: aTM Fees

11 Aug



With moving as often as we do, we end up banking with several different banks.  While some banks don’t charge ATM fees, others have charged me as much as $4!  ($2 from the bank I used and $2 from my bank.)  So to me, it is worth it to spend the few extra minutes parking and running into the nearest grocery store or supercenter if I need cash. I will simply make a small purchase of something I need that I can rarely get cheaper with coupons (milk, bread, etc.), use my pin number, and get cash back.  Most places let you get up to $100 cash back. 


If I needed cash once per month, that could be an annual savings of $48!  Every little bit really dies add up!


Annual Savings This Series:

  1. Cell Phone Bill – $480
  2. Electric Bill – $1200
  3. Auto Insurance – $311
  4. Extra charges on bill – $35.88
  5. Gas Loyalty Programs – $210
  6. Cable/Satellite TV – $660
  7. Contacts – $112
  8. Internet – $101
  9. Auto Maintenance – $272
  10. ATM Fees – $48

Total Savings to Date = $3429.88

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