My apologies! again!

29 Jul


vacation 393

Hello again!!!  It seems my mini-vacation at the beginning of the month turned into an entire month of a blogging vacation!  What have I been doing?  I have been NESTING!  I am just about ready for my new baby boy to enter this world and cannot wait!!!  I have "refinished”  furniture, made most of the baby bedding (until my sewing machine broke!), and washed, gathered, collected, and replaced all of the baby supplies that have been patiently waiting to get used again!  In addition, I have cleaned and organized top to bottom, inside and out, and although it is impossible to keep it that way, I have maintained it for the most part!  I am finishing up this week and have a goal to be completely ready by August 1.  That will give me one whole month to spend with my “big” baby boy before our world changes! 



So for those of you that have stuck with me as I took an unplanned and unannounced break, THANKS!

I will be back to my normal blogging routine soon!

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