Rain Checks

5 Jul


Is your store out of that hot sale item???  Don’t forget your rain check!!!


A rain check  is simply a slip of paper that the store gives you so that you can get the out-of-stock sale item when it comes back in stock.  These can be a very handy tool for future purchases and you should always take the time to ask for one at customer service. 


A few tips/things to know about rain checks:

  • Many of them don’t expire!  You can save that free after rebate rain check at CVS for the next time you need toothpaste!  Then you don’t have to store it at your house!  (Perfect for when I go out of town and forget the toothpaste!)
  • Ask for the highest limit.  If you were only going to buy 3, but they allow you 6 on your rain check, ask for 6.  You never know if you may decide you want more.
  • Ask to use your coupon that is about to expire.  If your coupon that you wanted to use will expire before the next shipment comes in, ask them if they will honor it.  Many times, they will right in “allow to use expired coupons”.
  • Time it right.  Unless you need the item immediately, save your rain check for a good coupon.  (Possibly as a filler for a $5/25 store coupon, for example.)

What tips/tricks do you have for using rain checks?

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