Crib Recall!

24 Jun


The Early Show just reported it:  There is another massive crib recall!  You can fix this by simply calling for an extra part that snaps onto the crib, so don’t risk it!  Fix that crib!  And don’t put your baby in it until it is fixed!


The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the vast majority of the cribs involved have drop-sides — sides that drop down and could fail, leading to babies becoming entrapped and even suffocating. But cribs with fixed (stationary) sides are included, as well. One design could even result in kids falling through a crib to the floor.
There are reports of 27 kids being hurt by the cribs.


To see specific model numers, hazards, remedies and more, click on the company names below:
Child Craft (this firm is out of business)
Child Craft, again
Delta Enterprise Corp., of New York, N.Y.
Evenflo, of Miamisburg, Ohio
Jardine Enterprises, of Taipei, Taiwan
LaJobi, of Cranbury, N.J.
Million Dollar Baby, of Montebello, Calif.
Simmons Juvenile Products Inc. (SJP), of New London, Wis.


Hmmm…they have had 2 major crib recalls due to drop down sides.  Ours has drop down sides, but has managed to NOT be on either list…makes me NERVOUS!!!

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