Tightening the belt: Saving on auto Maintenance

16 Jun



I am fortunate to have a husband that is a jack of all trades.  He has the ability (but seldom the time) to do basic auto maintenance saving us a great deal.  He is pretty good about taking care of his own vehicle, but seldom makes the time to maintain mine.  But he’s a numbers man:  so if I break down how much we can save by not paying someone to do it, I can convince him to make the time! 


1. Oil Changes:  At my last oil change, I paid almost $40!  I get an average of 4/year.  A new oil filter costs approximately $7 and 5 quarts of oil costs $22.  We already have a drip pan and the tools we would need, so doing it ourselves would save us$11, 4 times per year!


2.  Tire Rotation:  My last tire rotation cost $16.  I get an average of 2 per year.  We already have the tools for it, so doing it ourselves would save us about $32 per year.


3.  Car Wash:  I’m bad about car washes whether I pay someone, run through an automatic, or do it myself.  MAYBE once/month!  So, if I go through an automatic once per month at, say $5/time, doing it myself would save us $60/year!


Total savings:  $136 per vehicle!


Times that by 2 for both of our vehicles and that’s a pretty big savings!


So, if he doesn’t want to do it every time, I’m going to see if he’ll teach me.  (quit laughing!)  My guess is he would rather do it himself and avoid the argument we will have when he runs out of patience and when I run out of well…common sense! 


Annual Savings This Series:

  1. Cell Phone Bill – $480
  2. Electric Bill – $1200
  3. Auto Insurance – $311
  4. Extra charges on bill – $35.88
  5. Gas Loyalty Programs – $210
  6. Cable/Satellite TV – $660
  7. Contacts – $112
  8. Internet – $101
  9. Auto Maintenance – $272

Total Savings to Date = $3381.88

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