Saving Money from home – shop in your LINEN CLOSET

27 May



As you probably know, Thursdays are my house cleaning day!  It works out nicely for me, because I typically spend Fridays running errands, meaning that the house stays clean for the weekend, and I get to enjoy my family instead of cleaning the house.  So, in addition to my usual house cleaning chores and deep cleaning the bathroom, I am going to add to my list Shopping in my Linen Closet!


The purpose of cleaning out my closets is to save money by reinventing what you already have.  Instead of buying a new shower curtain, I’m going to either: 1) find another shower curtain I have in storage or 2) find a way to liven up the one we are using now.  I will do the same with my towels, my bed linens, rugs, etc. 


Since we used to have 2 bathrooms and a guest bedroom, and now rent small 2 bedroom, 1 bath homes, I have multiple sets of linens.  I use one set for fall/winter and one for spring/summer.  My spring/summer set is lighter and white and I typically spruce up the pillows to introduce new colors. 


I am going to do my best to provide before/after pictures…it may not be much to look at, and I may back out of that!  We will see!


Happy Thursday!

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