May Weekly Budget Check in #2

18 May

Spending Log


Monthly Budgeted Amount Amount Spent
Grocery $400 $683.26
Gas/automotive $250 $458.05
Other $250 (see grocery)
Dining Out $100 $160.76
Total $1000 $1302.07
Earning Log


Projected Amount Earned Amount Earned
Craigslist $150 $125
Garage Sale $200 $450!!
Rebates Received ? $124
Ebay/clipping extra coupons $23.85 $23.85
Total $350 $722.85
Necessities only for the rest of the month! 
However, I will be making a trip to Rite Aid for some fantastic prices on Huggies.  I can’t help it!  I may not get them for that cheap next month!  Other than that, I’m not spending a dime unless we have to have it!  For the rest of this month I will be focusing on earning. 

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