Happy Mother’s WEEK!!!

13 May



Being a mother is the most wonderful “job” in the world!  But it seems that one of the qualifications is “forget about yourself and put everybody/everything first”.  So this year, I am establishing the week of Mother’s Day as “Mother’s WEEK!”  Take every day this week to do something – anything – no matter how big or small, for yourself!


This Mother’s WEEK is one of the best ideas I have ever had!  It isn’t taking away from my daily responsibilities at all, but just making me manage my time a bit better to fit it all in!!!  Laundry still gets done and the closet even gets cleaned out…just while I’m watching Friends! 


So today, it’s time to get to cleaning, because I have some SERIOUS SCRAPBOOKING TO DO!!!  I am over a year behind and have GOT to get busy!  I will have a new scrapbook to start in about 3 months!!!


I love Mother’s WEEK!!!

One Response to “Happy Mother’s WEEK!!!”

  1. chayacomfycook May 13, 2010 at 9:40 pm #

    Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you did. I am finding yours quite enjoyable. I hope to make a habit of stopping by here.

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