May Monthly Goals

1 May


When I started this blog, I started with a list of goals in mind.  I haven’t forgotten them and refer to them often, but I’m thinking if I break, them down and be more specific that meeting the smaller short term goals may help me attain my long term goals.  So here are my short term goals for the month of may, focusing on each area of my blog.

1.  Blog Goal: double my monthly viewers;  Get Adventures in Momville on Facebook, Twitter, GFC, etc.

2.  Couponing Goal.:  Find someone on a military base to directly send my expired coupons to.  Learn to use e-coupons. 

3.  Cooking Goal: Have a “cooking day” each week, where I make most of the week’s suppers in one day.

4.  Financial Goal:  I did great reducing last month.  I want to maintain that this month, and focus on increasing my income.  I’m already off to a good start with today’s garage sale!  

5.  Family Goal.:  Dinner at the table 1 night/week and one family outing.

6.  Personal Goal:  Drink one cup of coffee and then only water for the rest of the day.

Do you have any short term goals?

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