Types of Coupons: Sunday Inserts

22 Apr


One of the most valuable sources for coupons is the Sunday newspaper inserts. 


Here are a few tips for getting the most money saving coupons for your money:

1. Buy the largest paper available in your area. The smaller paper may appear to have the same inserts, but there are different variations of the inserts for each paper.

2. Check the coupon preview.  I will post a link to coupon previews here each week.  Check the coupon preview to see how many inserts will be in the paper.

3. Check the newspaper before you buy it.  Be sure each paper you buy has all of the inserts it should have.  Nothing is more aggravating than buying a paper for the coupons and getting home to find that the coupons are missing.

4.  Insert Names:  The 3 main inserts you will see are (1) Smartsource; (2) Redplum; and (3) Proctor and Gamble.



1.  I didn’t get this Sunday’s paper!  What should I do? Most stores sell. the papers on Mondays, too if they have any left.  However, you can order whole inserts from coupon clipping services as well.  The only one that I have used so far is .  She has very reasonable rates and delivers as promised!

2.  How many papers should I buy?  I recommend buying 2.  That way if you run across a B1G1 sale, you have 2 coupons to use to get the best deals!  If you want more than 2 copies, I recommend using a coupon clipping service to get the most out of your money.

3.  I don’t want the whole insert, but just 1 particular coupon.  What do I do?  Order more of just that 1 coupon!  I have only used ebay to purchase additional coupons, but there are many coupon clipping services with much better rates.

4.  Why would I want to order extra coupons?  Not long ago, All laundry detergent was on sale for $2.50.  There were $2 coupons available, so I ordered several more! I stocked up on All (my brand preference), buying 10 for $5! Check the deals as close to Sunday as you can, so that you have plenty of time to get the coupons shipped to you before the sale ends.

5.  Isn’t it illegal to buy/sell coupons?  Yes!  But you can pay someone to clip and ship them to you!  You are paying a person for their time to gather and mail you the coupons, not for the coupon themselves.


What other questions do you have?  I’d love to answer them for you!  Just comment below or email me!

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