Types of Coupons: Internet printable Coupons

12 Apr



The Internet is one of the most valuable sources for coupons.  Don’t use all of your money replacing ink jet cartridges, though!  Buy a laser printer and don’t worry about refills. 


Tips, Tricks, and Things to Know:

  • In order to print from most of these sites, you must first download a coupon printer.  This is time consuming the first time you use the site, but only has to be done once per computer.  I have safely downloaded and used all of the ones above and can vouch for their security. 
  • Most Internet printable coupons can be printed twice.  Simply hit your back button until it reprints (typically 3 times) or you are prompted to re-select your coupons.  If the site is one where coupons must be re-selected, you can typically click to the last page and find the coupons you just printed. 
  • Coupons in pdf format have no print limit. 
  • Some stores do not accept Internet Printable coupons. 
  • Photocopying these coupons (as with any coupon) is fraudulent and is punishable by law. 
  • Be sure the site you are printing from is legit.  You do not want to be using fraudulent coupons.
  • You typically see the same coupons repeatedly, so there is no rush to print them unless it is a “hot” coupon.  (Meaning they are high value.)  “Hot” Coupons go quick and should be printed quickly.  You will eventually learn which ones are hot, but until then, rely on your favorite blog to keep you updated.
  • Remember to test your printer to be sure it is working properly before printing any coupons, or you may not get the coupons you were wanting!  Only 2 per computer, so if yours does not print, it may be gone for good!


  • Many times, you will have trouble printing these.  Common prompts may be “you must install the coupon printer” or it may just keep refreshing to the page you are on. 
  • First, be sure your printer will print a non-coupon document in order to make sure it is hooked up right and working properly. 
  • Stephanie at Couponing101 has a guide for printing Bricks coupons that just won’t print here.  She has solved my problem every time.
  • If that doesn’t work for you, try the Southern Saver’s Guide.

What did I miss?  If you have any other links, tips, tricks, or things to know about couponing, please leave a comment or email me!

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