Thursdays are Cleaning Day!

8 Apr


I was planning on tackling the bathroom this week, but after days with a high fever and a room overflowing with toys, I believe this week I will tackle the dreaded “KID’S ROOM!!!”  It’s a good day for it, because for some reason, I started my routine weekly cleaning yesterday AND it looks like it’ll be raining all day.  How better to entertain a 20-month-old than by pulling out all of his toys and clothes and reorganize them!


Routine Weekly Cleaning

  1. Put away dishes
  2. Pick up house
  3. Finish Laundry
  4. Change sheets
  5. Empty all the trash
  6. Vacuum all rooms
  7. Mop kitchen and bath
  8. Clean mirrors and doors
  9. Dust furniture
  10. Make shopping lists
  11. Organize Coupons
  12. Clean refrigerator
  13. Clean sink

Deep Cleaning ListThe Kid’s Room

  1. Polish furniture
  2. Clean cobwebs
  3. Wash mattress pad & dust ruffle
  4. Flip mattress
  5. Wash curtains
  6. Wash windows
  7. Straighten shelves
  8. Clean toys and reorganize them. 
  9. Sort out-grown clothes
  10. Dust baseboards

    It doesn’t SEEM like too much, especially since I only have to do the things in bold, but trust me…I will be a busy bee today! 

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