Couponing: Step 7 – Tips to know before you go

7 Apr


1.  Use your coupons wisely!  Just because you have a coupon, doesn’t mean that you need to use it!  Even if it’s about to expire.  If you see it once, you will see the same coupon again, just be patient and wait for the sale.  (Unless you need it now, then it’s ok.)  An example:  did you know that you can use a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 sale and typically get both items free?  So even though that’s an awesome coupon, play it wisely to maximize your savings!

2.  Make your list at the beginning of the week.  Many couponers rush to the store Sundays to be sure they don’t miss the deal.  I personally wait until the end of the week so that I can collect on other deals that are posted as people shop and report back.  While there are positives and negatives to each side, make your list as close to Sunday as you can and add to it as you read your daily blogs. 

3.  Order Extra Coupons.  Not long ago, ALL had coupons for $2 off any size detergent!  They were on sale for $1.97!  So, that meant FREE detergent!  Plus, ALL was my brand preference.  So I ordered 10 coupons and got a year supply for free!  When you see a great deal on something you know you will use, order extra coupons and stock up!  (It is illegal to sell coupons, but you are paying for the clipping and shipping.)  There are many coupon clipping services, but I use ebay.  I am about to try one service to order whole inserts for a few weeks I missed and will report back when I see success!

4.  Look for coupons for items you need now that are not on sale.  Needing bacon, but it isn’t on sale this week?  Milk?  Bread?  Search my Coupon Database to see if coupons are available. Whether there is a printable or one from the Sunday inserts, it will let you know where to find it.  (I hope to have it up and running today).


5.  Read up!  I am not all knowing on the subject of couponing.  There are so many great tips and smart people out there, that it is definitely worthwhile to stay informed!  I read books, blogs, articles – anything I run across that may save us a buck!  Yes, I know we are all busy, but it is as simple as checking your email each morning.  Just click, scan, and/or read.  Check out this free ebook!  Just skip through the ads if you aren’t interested while it downloads:      

6.  Don’t commit coupon fraud. It is illegal and you could possibly go to jail!  Use coupons as they are intended and you have nothing to worry about.  Never, never make copies!

7.  Be considerate of other shoppers.  Don’t clear the shelves, please. 

8.  Be prepared to handle an uninformed cashier.  In my experience, if they are going to give you a hard time over one coupon, they will give you a hard time over all of them.  Remember, there was a day in time when we didn’t understand the power of a coupon either!  They don’t want to lose their job over you and shouldn’t be asked to!  If you know that you are right, then you have 2 options:  politely discuss the coupon policy and ask for a manager if they don’t concede or just don’t argue and come back later and repeat the process with a different cashier.  You will learn which cashiers are coupon friendly before long and that will greatly reduce your hassle time!  I tend to try and come back rather than politely argue.  I get to mad when I don’t get my way when I know I’m right!  I will just have them take off the item in question and come back for it later if I want it that badly.  Plus, if I argue, I’m always embarrassed when I come back to the store and they are working there…that’s just me. 

9.  Don’t let a bad experience discourage you!  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!  I HOPE that you don’t end up with “that” cashier on your first try!  I promise it isn’t always like that!  But we all have to learn to deal with it!

10.  Know how a coupon works.  Don’t feel bad for walking out with 3 bags of merchandise for less than $1!  You are not stealing!!!  Giving the store coupons is like giving them cash and that is the manufacturer WANTS you to use them!  Feel proud, not guilty!

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