Couponing: Step 6 – Make Your First List

1 Apr


Never, NEVER attempt to coupon without a plan when you are just learning!  You will not only fail miserably, but more than likely leave very confused and frustrated!

1. Choose your store.  I strongly suggest starting out with one store.  I also suggest starting at one of the 3 chain drugstores, because you will typically get more product for your dollar.  But beware!  They tend to be more complicated and harder to learn (Walgreens is the hardest in my opinion). 

2.  Find a list.  Do not waste time trying to match up your coupons to that week’s sales.  Tons of bloggers have already done that for you!!!  I do plan to start composing my own lists eventually, but right now, my favorite site for lists is Southern Savers.  If you want to coupon at a local store or are in a different region of the country, try finding the list you need on Bargain Briana’s Frugal Map.  If you still can’t find the store you are looking for, email me!  Maybe I can help!

3.  Make your list.  Copy and paste the match-up list into your own word processing document (Word, Works, Notepad, etc).  Delete anything that your family won’t ever need, or that isn’t a great price.  Next, get your coupons and gather, print, and organize the ones that are on your list. 

That’s it!!!  You’re ready to hit the store(s)!  Just repeat the process for each store you want to shop.  If the store doesn’t have any great deals that week, skip it.  Again, I suggest starting out with just one or two stores and gradually add more to avoid getting overwhelmed! Don’t forget, you may want to take the store’s coupon policy with you in case you forget what to do or get a difficult cashier.

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