Eating More Fruits and Vegies

27 Mar

I am pregnant and as you may imagine, am NOT dieting!  🙂  That being said, after a few weeks of binging on Girl Scout cookies, I decided that I HAD to start eating better and feeding BOTH of my babies better!  I am bad to give my son a banana and some Cheerios, while I eat my big bowl of sugary cereal (and a cookie, of course)!  So in an attempt to increase his vegetable intake and both the fruit and vegetable intake for me and the health of my unborn child, I made both a fruit tray and a vegetable tray!  I cleaned out the bottom shelf of the fridge and showed him how to reach in and dip!  Having it ready and accessible made us munch on them instead of junk! So now, not only am I sure we have both eaten more fruits and vegies, but we have enjoyed it thus eating fewer cookies and other junk food! hmmm…maybe I can make this a habit!

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