Couponing: Step 1 – Getting Started

26 Mar

I am a bargain shopper by nature. So when I heard of people I knew (or indirectly knew) that had been buying hundreds of dollars of groceries for $25, I just had to find out more! The problem was, I only knew one person well enough to ask about it, and hadn’t talked to her since high school! After sending her a Facebook message, she graciously agreed to talk to me and explain, and in the meantime, I Googled it! I found most of my initial information at Couponing101.  After reading the entire site, I decided to give it a try!  Over a year later, I’m passing on what I learned to you.

1. Start gathering coupons – Buy the Sunday paper every week. Coupons are everywhere!  The main source for gathering your collection is still the Sunday paper. I subscribe to the paper, so that I am sure to get at least 1 copy of every set of coupons. I recommend buying at least 2 copies of the largest paper available. Check magazines, junk mail, grocery stores, etc.  Everywhere you look, you will start to see coupons!  Don’t waste your ink printing coupons until you are ready to hit the stores. 

2. Get a working printer hooked up to ALL of your computers. Approximately 50% of my coupons that I use come from the Internet! You can typically print 2 coupons from each IP address, so that’s 2 of each coupons per computer.  As soon as you can, buy a laser printer.  This will save you hundreds on ink! 

3.  Understand what couponing entails. There is so much more to it than cutting a coupon for something you need and remembering to take it to the store. You have to know what is on sale and what the rock bottom price is for that item, AND THEN use your coupons to stock up on it. It is time consuming, but only until you have learned the basics.

You’re on your way to becoming a couponer!  Next, it’s time to Change How You Shop!

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