Online Shopping Guide: Finding the Best Price

22 Mar

With all my couponing and stockpiling in store for free or next to nothing, my online shopping has come to a halt.  However, if I have a larger, more pricey purchase to make, I definitely check the online prices before rushing to the store.  So, here’s a few tips for finding the best price available on all your online purchases.   


1.  Search for the item on multiple sites: Swagbucks(, 

 Amazonebay etc. to get a general idea of the rock bottom price.   

2.  Find a coupon code.  Do a general search on Swagbucks ( and then check  Retail Me Not. 

 3.  Never pay for shipping!  I always add the price plus shipping together and consider that the price.  However, 9 times out of 10, you can find a coupon code for free shipping.   

 4.  Find the lowest price, then get it lower using cash back sites!  They all have unique rules on how they work, but here are several sites where you can get cash back for online purchases.  You typically get a small percentage back, so you can shop each one of the sites to see which one will give you the most cash back.  Be looking for a post about each of these individually in the near future!  I will also be expanding the list as I check out additional sites.   


Happy Shopping!   


One Response to “Online Shopping Guide: Finding the Best Price”

  1. Barbara Gough March 25, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    Right on Girl! Never done this before. HA!

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