How to Make it as a SAHM: Staying Interesting

18 Mar

I thought about titling this post “Keeping Busy”, but there is much more to staying out of the “SAHM funk” than just having something to do!  You have to stay interested in something.  After day 100 million of changing diapers and washing dishes you cannot honestly tell me that you find your housework interesting!   And my guess is, unless you are fortunate like me to have 2 best friends that also have babies, they are sick of hearing about how your son just said “da-dy” instead of “da-da”.  You have to find something that YOU enjoy and make time for it.  The tricky part is, that after doing anything for an extended time, most people become un-interested and need a fresh task.  Plus, lack of funding for most any project also puts a damper on several hobbies. 

So, without further ado, here are a list of hobbies I have, had, or want to keep me interested.  You may notice that the majority of my hobbies will have intentions of somehow profiting or saving my family money.  That is a common interest my husband and I have.  It is also a condition that I expect myself to work at if I want to stay home with my children.  Maybe it will give you ideas of your own.  

Hobbies I have:

  • Blogging.  My newest addition to the list.  I am hoping  that someone will find what I write interesting and eventually, I can make money doing it.  I just have to figure it all out first!
  • Couponing.   I’m not talking about just remembering to dig that one coupon out of your purse and handing it to the cashier!  I mean buying $165 worth of groceries for $35!  (Happened to me this month!)  I cannot imagine EVER paying full price for ANYTHING ever again!  This hobby takes ALOT of time to learn at first, but after you get it, it’s a snap!  Here’s where I got my start at it:
  • Scrapbooking.  I had to decide whether to list this as a hobby I HAVE or one I HAD!  It’s been a year since I’ve updated my son’s scrapbook!  It’s very hard to do while your little one is awake, but love to do it when I get the chance!

Hobbies I Had:

  • Sewing/Crafting for Profit.  I made and sold Mei Tai Baby Carriers, wipe cases, burp cloths, bookmarks, etc.  Kinda fun, but not very profitable for me.
  • Ebay/Craigslist.  I would  try to sell junk I had at home and found at yard sales for a profit.  I was not successful at this for some reason, but I know many people have been.
  • Grant Writing.  I think I just had the wrong grant.  I should look into finding another grant to apply for with the curriculum I wrote, but it took a LONG time and ALOT of work…all for nothing!  Guess I just gave up!
  •  Internet Offers.  I am still working on one of these, but am thinking I won’t try it again.  I’m talking about the pop up ads that say, “Get a $500 Visa gift card!”  Some of them are actually legit!  You have to sign up for a set amount of offers (and remember to cancel them later).  It is rather complicated and so far has cost me $50 out of pocket.  After I pay the taxes on it, I’m not sure it’s worth the hoops I have had to jump through and the 6 month wait.

Hobbies I Want:

  • Playgroups.  Since I am new to the area, I signed up for a mommy and me play group.  Unfortunately, I missed the first meeting due to a death in the family.
  • Making Money at Children’s Consignment Sales.  I am going to go to yard sales when it finally warms up a bit and look for children’s items that might make profit at a consignment sale. 
  • Http.  After I become more proficient at blogging, I want to learn to design my own pages.

I would love to expand my list!  Have any ideas for me???

One Response to “How to Make it as a SAHM: Staying Interesting”

  1. Kisha March 26, 2010 at 1:58 am #

    Cute idea for a post. I too have a bunch of “hobbies I had” and “hobbies I want”. 🙂

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