Earning Potential

22 Feb
I have not had much luck, making money since we moved here. No bites on tutoring, babysitting, or house cleaning (ok, I really didn’t want to do that anyways). Last week, I tried posting random household items to craigslist and got nothing, but spammed! And it’s kind of crunch time. Our anniversary and my husband’s birthday is coming soon and I have a special gift in mind for him that costs $209 shipped. So here’s my plan this week to reach my goal of $209. I will report back at the end of the week and let you know!
1. Post my random household items to ebay. I’m not sure if I have $200 worth of items, but I’ll give it my best try! I tried an ebay business last year and was not successful. I spent alot of time on it and pretty much broke even. I feel like I was making some fundamental mistakes, so I guess it’s worth a second chance!

2. Online offers. You know the pop up ads that say “free laptop“ or “get a $500 Visa Card”? Apparently some of them are legit! You may have to sign up for a hundred trial offers (and remember to cancel them) or spend $50 up front, but they do work! My friend Keisha at www.morethanalittle.com has been successfully doing them! She followed the instructions from moneysavingmethods here.

Time to give it a try!



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