Planning a Family Fun Day

21 Feb
One day last year, I cried and cried because “We never do anything fun as a family!“ So my sweet husband said, “ok, let’s go!” Know where we ended up? Tractor supply and then O’Charley’s. Now, I’m not knocking either place, but not exactly my idea of family fun.
One of my goals this year is to create a family calendar. So, today I am going to create a list of things we can do while living in Knoxville. I know most of my readers do not live in Knoxville, but maybe my list will help you develop one of your own.
I plan to write “family day” on the calendar, and then we can refer to this list and choose something off of it or find something not on the list! That way, we have flexibility for our moods, financial status that month, and for the weather.



BookBlast – Saturday, March 6

Hiking Trails

Rainforest Adventures Inc

East Tennessee Discovery Center

Knoxville Zoo

World’s Fair Park

Seems like a pretty short list, but I will definitely add to it as we hear about new events and activities that I don’t know about (and that are 1 year old friendly). Plus, there are SEVERAL hiking trails nearby. I am very optimistic about hiking. Seems like a perfect family hobby to me. It’s free (except for gas), it gets us outdoors and exercising, and we will get to see some of God’s handy work up-close and personal. I wouldn’t mind it turning in to a weekly family activity, but for now…baby steps.
What activities do you do with your family? Anything I need to add to my list?


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