Teaching Your Infant

19 Feb
I am a teacher by trade. But I feel my skills are very limited before my child is even able to talk (or maybe willing to talk is a better way of putting it). I am so ready to start teaching him abc’s and 123’s, but I’m afraid I am a long time from that. So, what do you teach a one year old? 18 months? 2 years? One of my goals is to spend one on one time each day with my son. What types of things can I play with him that will help develop his mind? His coordination? His motor skills?…And please, keep me entertained, too!
Babycenter.com has a great list of
Check, out the summary below, but be sure to read the full article, too!

1. Dance with her!

2. Show her stuff! Any stuff!

3. Hold things over her head.

4. Sing, sing, sing!

4 to 6 months:
1. Smell new (and yummy) things!

2. Blow Bubbles

3. I’m Gonna Get You!

4. This Little Piggy!

5. Tummy Time! (For you both!)

6. Super baby!!! Flying through the air!

7 to 9 Months
1. Touch it, Hold it, Bang it!

2. I can Control the World! (Exploring light switches, remote controls, phones, etc.)

3. Obstacle Course (Pillows, phone books)

4. Peek,-a-Boo!

5. Play Ball!

10 to 12 months
1. Fill it up! (Boxes with toys, cups with water)

2. Cruise with him!

3. Copycat (noises)

4. Bath Time!

What fun activities do you do with your baby?


3 Months



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